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Wadi Rum

where you will find adventure


Adventure in Wadi Rum
     Should you tire at last of history's treasures, Jordan's desert vistas and marine life will help you to fill the idle hours. Trek or climb in Wadi Rum, a mauve hued valley of mesmerizing beauty where Lawrence of Arabia once rode. Try hot air ballooning over the hills and canyons, or spend a night under the stars in Bedouin tent.

           Feel the romance of the Arabian desert in the spring time ... or any time, at Wadi Rum in Jordan. Let the fabled T. E. Lawrence come alive, where through memories stirred from the screen version or from the pages of history and the actual exploits of the legendary British officer.

Wadi Rum's (moonscape) terrain            Wadi Rum is like the moon scope of ancient valleys and towering weathered sandstone mountains rising out of the white and pink colored sands. Much of David Lean's "Lawrence of Arabia" was filmed there and and it was also the location where T. E. Lawrence himself was based during the Arab Revolt.

           A desert police fort is located at the entrance to Wadi Rum, where the police are not mounted on horse or jeep, but on camels--ships of desert.

           Today Wadi Rum challenges climbers to scale its sheer granite and sandstone cliffs, to hike along mountain trails and valleys, to trek deep into the enchanting landscape in four wheel drive vehicles, or to join tow or three day desert safaris on camel back or 4x4 vehicles.

Wadi Rum trasportation
         Stunning in its natural beauty, wadi rum epitomizes the romance of the desert. Now the home of several Bedouin tribes, Wadi Rum has been inhabited for generations. these hospitable and friendly desert people are settled around the 'Beau Geste' Camel Corps Fort in Wadi Rum, and in scattered nomadic camps throughout the area. You may be invited to share mint tea or cardamom coffee in there black tents, perhaps sitting by the fire under a starry desert sky it is an experience you will never forget.

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